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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is it to Acadia National Park from the Quietside? (Answer)
Is there a fee for the Park? Where can we buy a pass? (Answer)
Is there bicycling nearby? (Answer)
How far is the closest airport to Acadia? (Answer)
Is there any bus service to Ellsworth or Bangor? (Answer)
Is there public transportation on the island? (Answer)
Where can I go horseback riding on the island? (Answer)
Where's the best beach? (Answer)
Can I get married in the park? (Answer)
Where can I launch a kayak? (Answer)
Where can I rent a kayak? (Answer)
Can I bring my dog into Acadia? (Answer)
When is the best time to see fall colors? (Answer)
Do I need a license to go fishing? (Answer)
Who is the best cell phone provider on the Island? (Answer)
Where can I charge my electric vehicle? (Answer)
Can Island Explorer buses accommodate bicycles and how many? (Answer)
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