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Nature and the Environment  [Printer-friendly version]

Maine Wildlife Park   207-657-4977
Welcome to the Maine Wildlife Park, where you'll see more animals in a day than you could ever spot in the wild! The Park serves as a permanent home for wildlife that cannot be returned to their natural habitats. All kinds of Maine wildlife are here for their protection, and for you to learn about and enjoy.
Open: Opens April 14  
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Maine Woodland Owners   207-626-0005
Owning woodland is fun and rewarding. But we know it is not always easy to find the information you are looking for or get the help you need. Since 1975, we have been the organization that works to help, support and represent the interests of small woodland owners.

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Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary   (207)-244-4027
The Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that conducts environmental research, restoration and education programs related to our local environment. Located in the historic coastal village of Somesville, the Sanctuary protects and conserves over 230 acres of forested and wetland areas surrounding Somes Pond, and provide public access to these areas through a trail system.
Open: year round  
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The Maine Nature Conservancy   (207) 729-5182
The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends, and we’ve been working in Maine to do just that for more than 60 years. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.

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The Trust for Public Land   (415) 495-4014
The Trust for Public Land works to protect the places people care about & to create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities, where 80 percent of Americans live. Our goal is to ensure that every child has easy access to a safe place to play in nature. We also conserve working farms, ranches, forests; lands of historical & cultural importance; rivers, streams, coasts, watersheds & more.

Acadia Wildlife Foundation   (207)-288-4960
Acadia Wildlife Foundation was founded in 1994 with the goal of caring for injured or orphaned native animals and releasing them back to the wild. Wildlife rehabilitation is done by trained professionals with licenses from the state of Maine and the federal government. Animals are brought to our clinic by game wardens, vets, police, marine patrol, and by many members of the general public.

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A Climate to Thrive   207-266-5590
A Climate to Thrive is a nonprofit organization committed to achieving energy independence by 2030 with decentralized, local, clean energy solutions. Join us to create a positive future for Mount Desert Island (MDI) by helping us improve building energy efficiency, reinvent our local food systems, develop climate-friendly transportation, move toward zero waste, and influence public policy.

Citizen's Climate Lobby Chapter Bar Harbor - MDI   
Citizens' Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization empowering people to experience breakthroughs exercising their personal and political power. Our chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters across the world working to create the political will for a livable world.

College of the Atlantic   207-288-5015
COA seeks to educate students to creatively take on the worlds social and environmental problems. Learning is experiential and interdisciplinary, focused on viewing the world as an interactive whole through the unifying perspective of human ecology.

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Downeast Coastal Conservancy   (207) 255-4500
The mission of the Downeast Coastal Conservancy is the conservation of the natural habitats and resources of the coastal watersheds, islands, and communities of Washington County, Maine, for present and future generations.

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Friends of Acadia   (207) 288-3340
Friends of Acadia supports a multifaceted set of programs and initiatives that will ensure that the park’s natural resources are protected for today’s visitors and the many millions who will visit in the years to come.

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Land for Maine's Future Coaltion   (207) 287-7576
Our coalition is comprised of land trusts, sportsmen’s groups, businesses, health organizations, recreation associations, municipalities and others who support the Land for Maine’s Future program. We work to defend the integrity of the program and support public policies to ensure that Land for Maine’s Future continues to provide community and economic benefits to the people of Maine.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust   (207) 729-7366
Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) conserves and stewards Maine's coastal lands and islands for their renowned scenic beauty, ecological value, outdoor recreational opportunities, and contribution to community well-being. MCHT provides statewide conservation leadership through its work with land trusts, coastal communities and other partners.

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